DATC is open to and will include all interested and qualified organizations; not-for-profits, for profits, academic institutions and research laboratories, including non-traditional defense contractors and traditional defense contractors.

Membership in the Consortium is open to all qualified companies and academic institutions conducting research and prototype development in any or all of the stated Technology Objective Areas. Qualifications are subject to review by the DATC Executive Director, which shall approve or deny membership applications. The membership application and approval process will be open throughout the year.

All Members are required to pay dues in the amount of $500 per year. Dues payments are payable upon the effective date of the Member’s membership for the calendar year, and subsequently renewed annually within 30 days of the Member’s membership anniversary.


  1. Must possess technology expertise in one or more of the listed technology areas.
  2. Member in good standing/ DoD contractor debarred list.

Membership Directory

  • Abaco Systems logo
    Abaco Systems
  • ACE Electronics logo
    ACE Electronics
  • Achates Power
    Achates Power
  • ADI Technologies, Inc.
    ADI Technologies, Inc.
  • Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC logo
    Advanced Scientific Concepts LLC
  • Aegis Power Systems Inc. logo
    Aegis Power Systems Inc.
  • Aeronix Inc. logo
    Aeronix Inc.
  • Aeryon Defense USA, Inc. logo
    Aeryon Defense USA, Inc.
  • Alfred University logo
    Alfred University
  • Alion Science & Technology
    Alion Science & Technology
  • Allison Transmission
    Allison Transmission
  • Altair Product Design, Inc.
    Altair Product Design, Inc.
  • Ancra International LLC
    Ancra International LLC
  • Amerex Corporation
    Amerex Corporation
  •  American Engineering Group LLC logo
    American Engineering Group LLC
  • American Rheinmetall Systems LLC logo
    American Rheinmetall Systems LLC
  • Ansys, Inc. logo
    Ansys, Inc.
  • Applied Research Associates Inc. logo
    Applied Research Associates Inc.
  • ArmorWorks Enterprises Inc. logo
    ArmorWorks Enterprises Inc.
  • Arete Associates logo
    Arete Associates
  • Arconic Defense Inc. logo
    Arconic Defense Inc.
  • ASRC Federal Field Services, LLC logo
    ASRC Federal Field Services, LLC
  • ATI Engineering Services LLC logo
    ATI Engineering Services LLC
  • Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc. logo
    Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc.
  • Automotive Insight LLC logo
    Automotive Insight LLC
  • AVL Powertrain Engineering, Inc
  • AxleTech International logo
    AxleTech International
  • BAE Systems Hägglunds
    BAE Systems Hägglunds
  • BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P.
    BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P.
  • Barden Brook Capital LLC logo
    Barden Brook Capital LLC
  • Battelle Energy Alliance logo
    Battelle Energy Alliance
  • Battelle Memorial Institute logo
    Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Berkshire PowerTech Inc.
    Berkshire PowerTech Inc.
  • Black Diamond Advanced Technology, LLC logo
    Black Diamond Advanced Technology, LLC
  • Bokam
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
    Booz Allen Hamilton
  • BorgWarner Inc.
    BorgWarner Inc.
  • Robert Bosch LLC
    Robert Bosch LLC
  • CALSTART logo
  • Caterpillar logo
    Caterpillar Inc.
  • Choctaw Defense Manufacturing LLC logo
    Choctaw Defense Manufacturing LLC
  • CMI Defense America, Inc. logo
    CMI Defense America, Inc.
  • Concurrent Technologies Corporation logo
    Concurrent Technologies Corporation
  • Connect Pro logo
    Connect Pro
  • ContiTech USA Inc. logo
    ContiTech USA Inc.
  • Corvid Technologies LLC
    Corvid Technologies LLC
  • Cummins Corporate Research and  Technology logo
    Cummins Corporate Research and Technology
  • Cybernet
  • Czero Inc.  logo
    Czero Inc.
  • Danlaw, Inc. logo
    Danlaw, Inc.
  • DC3S logo
  • DCS Corporation
    DCS Corporation
  • Deere & Company logo
    Deere & Company
  • DEP
  • DfR Solutions
    DfR Solutions
  • DG Technologies
    DG Technologies
  • DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH
    DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH
  • DornerWorks
  • Drive System Design, Inc.
    Drive System Design, Inc.
  • DRS Land Systems  logo
    DRS Systems, Inc.
  • DRS Land Systems  logo
    DRS Land Systems
  • dSPACE
  • Dynamic Metals LLC
    Dynamic Metals LLC
  • Eager Beaver Trailers logo
    Eager Beaver Trailers
  • Eaton logo
  • ECI Defense Group logo
    ECI Defense Group
  • Eclipse Energy Systems, Inc. logo
    Eclipse Energy Systems, Inc.
  • Edison Welding Institute Inc. logo
    Edison Welding Institute Inc.
  • Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.  logo
    Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.
  • Endeavor Robotics logo
    Endeavor Robotics
  •  Enterprise Ventures Corporation logo
    Enterprise Ventures Corporation
  • Equine Architectural Products, Inc. logo
    Equine Architectural Products, Inc.
  • ESG Automotive Inc. logo
    ESG Automotive Inc.
  • Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp.  logo
    Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Corp.
  • FAAC INC. logo
    FAAC Inc.
  • FEV logo
  •  FLIR Systems, Inc. logo
    FLIR Systems, Inc.
  • FPH USA logo
  • Friedman Research Corporation
    Friedman Research Corporation
  • Friedrich Wilhems-Hutte GmbH
    Friedrich Wilhems-Hutte GmbH
  • Gemstar Cases logo
    Gemstar Cases
  • General Atomics Logo
    General Atomics
  • General Dynamics Mission Systems Inc. logo
    General Dynamics Mission Systems Inc.
  • General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada logo
    General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada
  • Global Electronics Ltd. Logo
    Global Electronics Ltd.
  • Great Lakes Sound & Vibration, Inc.
    Great Lakes Sound & Vibration, Inc.
  • Great Lakes Systems & Technology, LLC
    Great Lakes Systems & Technology, LLC
  • Grove U.S. L.L.C.
    Grove U.S. L.L.C.
  • GS Engineering
    GS Engineering
  • Hamilton Sundstrand Corp.
    Hamilton Sundstrand Corp.
  • HBM nCode Federal LLC logo
    HBM nCode Federal LLC
  • High Sec Labs logo
    High Sec Labs
  • Honeywell
  • Horstman Inc. logo
    Horstman Inc.
  • Hutchinson Industries, Inc. logo
    Hutchinson Industries, Inc.
  • IEC Infrared Systems LLC logo
    IEC Infrared Systems LLC
  • INDUS Concepts & Engineering, LLC logo
    INDUS Concepts & Engineering, LLC
  • Innovative Manufacturing Engineering
    Innovative Manufacturing Engineering
  • Jackson-Dawson Communications, Inc logo
    Jackson-Dawson Communications, Inc
  • Jenoptik Advanced Systems, LLC
    Jenoptik Advanced Systems, LLC
  • JetCo Solutions
    JetCo Solutions
  • JWF Defense Systems, LLC
    JWF Defense Systems, LLC
  • Kettering University
    Kettering University
  • Ker-Train Research Inc
    Ker-Train Research Inc
  • KONI NA, LLC logo
  • L-3 Combat Propulsion Systems
    L-3 Combat Propulsion Systems
  • Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow logo
    Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow
  • LINE-X LLC logo
  • Link Group, Inc. logo
    Link Group, Inc.
  • Lithoz America LLC logo
    Lithoz America LLC
  • Loc Performance Products Inc.
    Loc Performance Products Inc.
  • Loch Harbour Group Inc. logo
    Loch Harbour Group Inc.
  • Logistics Management Institute
    Logistics Management Institute
  • Lumenium
  • M3 Defense Consulting
    M3 Defense Consulting
  • Macomb Community College logo
    Macomb Community College
  • Mack Defense logo
    Mack Defense
  • MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems, LP logo
    MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems, LP
  • ManTech Advanced Systems International, Inc. logo
    ManTech Advanced Systems International, Inc.
  • Marvin Land Systems Inc. logo
    Marvin Land Systems Inc.
  • Mass XV, LLC logo
    Mass XV, LLC
  • Merit Network Inc. logo
    Merit Network Inc.
  • Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems, LLC
    Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems, LLC
  • Merrill Aviation Inc. logo
    Merrill Aviation Inc.
  • Mettle Ops
    Mettle Ops
  • Michelin North America Inc.
    Michelin North America Inc.
  • Michigan Technological University
    Michigan Technological University
  • MilDef, Inc. logo
    MilDef, Inc.
  • Mistral Inc. logo
    Mistral Inc.
  • MLDesign Technologies Inc. logo
    MLDesign Technologies Inc.
  • Moog Inc. logo
    Moog Inc.
  • MTU America, Inc. logo
    MTU America, Inc.
  • Nevada Automotive Test Center logo
    Nevada Automotive Test Center
  • Neya Systems, LLC logo
    Neya Systems, LLC
  • O'Gara-Hess and Eisenhardt Armoring Company, LLC logo
    O'Gara-Hess and Eisenhardt Armoring Company, LLC
  • Oshkosh
  • Paradigm Research and  Engineering
    Paradigm Research and Engineering
  • Parker-Hannifin Corporation logo
    Parker-Hannifin Corporation
  • Parts Life, Inc. logo
    Parts Life, Inc.
  • Perspecta Labs Inc. logo
    Perspecta Labs Inc.
  • Physical Optics Corporation logo
    Physical Optics Corporation
  • Plasan North America Inc. logo
    Plasan North America Inc.
  • PPG Industries Inc. logo
    PPG Industries Inc.
  • Pratt and Miller
    Pratt and Miller
  • Precision Boring Company logo
    Precision Boring Company
  • Pressure Systems International
    Pressure Systems International
  • QinetiQ NA logo
    QinetiQ NA
  • QinetiQ Inc. logo
    QinetiQ Inc.
  • Raytheon Cyber Solutions, Inc logo
    Raytheon Cyber Solutions, Inc.
  • Raytheon Missile Systems logo
    Raytheon Missile Systems
  • RCR logo
  • Ricardo Defense, Inc. logo
    Ricardo Defense, Inc.
  • Robotic Research, LLC logo
    Robotic Research, LLC
  • Rocky Research logo
    Rocky Research
  • Rose-A-Lee Technologies
    Rose-A-Lee Technologies
  • Roxtec logo
    Roxtec Inc.
  • Roush
  • Saft America, Inc. logo
    Saft America, Inc.
  • SAIC
  • SAPA Transmission
    SAPA Transmission
  • SCI Technology Inc. logo
    SCI Technology Inc.
  • ScioTeq LLC logo
    ScioTeq LLC
  • Schutt Industries logo
    Schutt Industries
  • Shocktech, Inc.
    Shocktech, Inc.
  • Sinew Management Group LLC
    Sinew Management Group LLC
  • SI2 Technologies Inc.
    SI2 Technologies Inc.
  • Soucy International
    Soucy International
  • SWRI
    Southwest Research Institute
  • Sphere Brake Defense, LLC
    Sphere Brake Defense, LLC
  • ST Engineering Land Systems logo
    ST Engineering Land Systems
  • Strike Industries LLC logo
    Strike Industries LLC
  • Survivability Solutions LLC logo
    Survivability Solutions LLC
  • Synergistic Inc. logo
    Synergistic Inc.
  • Systematic Inc.
    Systematic Inc.
  • Subsystem Technologies, Inc. Logo
    Subsystem Technologies, Inc.
  • Systel, Inc. Logo
    Systel, Inc.
  • Telephonics Corporation
    Telephonics Corporation
  • Tencate ABDS Sentinel X
    Tencate ABDS Sentinel X
  • Textron Systems Marine & Land Systems
    Textron Systems Marine & Land Systems
  • The Spectrum Group, LLC logo
    The Spectrum Group, LLC
  • ThermoAnalytics Inc. logo
    THK Rhythm Automotive Michigan Corp.
  • Thompson Gray Inc. logo
    Thompson Gray Inc. logo
  • Triad Services Group, Inc.
    Triad Services Group, Inc.
  • UEC Electronics
    UEC Electronics
  • Unified Business Technologies, Inc. logo
    Unified Business Technologies, Inc.
  • University of Maine logo
    University of Maine
  • University of Michigan - Dearborn logo
    University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • Ultra Electronics Precision Control Systems, Inc. logo
    Ultra Electronics Precision Control Systems, Inc.
  • Voyage Auto Inc. logo
    Voyage Auto Inc.
  • VSE Corporation logo
    VSE Corporation
  • VYTECK PCB Design Services logo
    VYTECK PCB Design Services
  • Waltonen Engineering
    Waltonen Engineering
  • West-Mark logo
  • W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. logo
    W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.